Rhodi’s Light

Author: Megan Linski Publisher: Gryfyn Publishing Series: The Rhodi Saga Publication Date: September 4th, 2016 Source: ARC from the publisher Cover: The cover is OK. Color play is attractive. Artwork is good too. Review: Dylan and her twin Devin are left homeless when their parents die in a car accident. Dylan blames herself for distracting …

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Dream casters_review

Dream Casters: Light

Author:Adrienne Woods Publisher:Fire Quill Publishing Genre: YA, Fantasy Source: ARC from netgalley Published:29 May 2015 Cover: It is okayish. The color palette manages to exude mystery. The central part of the illustration is beautifully imagined and depicted though. Review: The book opens with a small description of the world the story is set in. It …

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Another Vampire Novel: This one’s awesome

Saint Sebastian The Rose: A Review Author:Michael W. Glover Publisher:Booktrope Genre: Young Adult Series: The Lonely Tower Source: ARC from netgalley Published: September 2015 Cover: Mysterious and beautiful cover. Fits with the theme of the plot. Review: Sebastian is a young boy who lives in a monastery. He has a troubled past which haunts him and …

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