I am trying to enjoy my life,by doing small things that make me happy, every day.

And I add my every attempt in this blog.Because ,publishing online makes me accountable , and reminds me to do some thing fun every day.

This life is short and instead of worrying every second,it should be cherished and enjoyed.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. You just made me happy. Lovely words and great life philosophy to hold on to. I’m assuming you did the graphic image here – if you did – bravo, well-done. It’s wonderfully colorful and uplifting like your words…

      1. You’re welcome. I hope you’re finding that happiness. I see lots of happiness in that image – I just went back and looked at it 🙂 It’s quirky, colorful and joyous!
        Have a great week

  2. Fiya'Says

    A writer is defined by his writings and I am assuming (based on your writings) that you must be a lovely person, full of life but an introvert..maybe?
    Have a good day.

    1. Thank you for assuming that I am a lovely person.But an introvert? Not exactly. I am a bit of both ,an extrovert and also an introvert. In fact my friends and family and people who meet me ,will tell you I am an extrovert.Believe me I have asked.But this blog is another side of me and I didn’t realize I was coming off as an introvert.This is my personal journey.In real life I love company and I love to talk.Sometimes I’m requested to shut up .LOL.

      1. Fiya'Says

        Wow! I just thought you are an introvert cause you read books alot and most of the times bookworms are introverts. So you’re a chatterbox, aren’t you?
        Ps. Nice blog. Looking forward to more of your posts

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