Escape From The Past: At Witches End

By: Annette Oppenlander


What an ending to an awesome trilogy!

Absolutely entertaining.

Max Nerd’s is back and is stubborn and brave as ever.

He is done with the time travel game. Or so he thought.

But he is indebted to Karl and must return once more to rescue him.

He travels to Hanstein once again, excited to see Bero and Juliana.

Much to his dismay, his friends aren’t too happy to see him after his sudden disappearance when he visited the first time.

After much trouble and convincing, he gains their trust.

He finds Karl in Hanstein dungeons. Karl has lost his wallet and Max must find it for him, ensuring Karl can go back home.

Meanwhile Lady Clara is dying and Max has to play healer again.

Too many things are happening.

Max has to endure a trial, almost gets burned at the stake and gets imprisoned.

He will have to find the wallet, find his cape that was taken by an enemy, help protect Hanstein, and rescue Bero’s sister Adela, in order to return home.

Will he succeed?

And then there is the matter of stopping Stuler once and for all.

My opinion:

Action packed and funny, “At Witches End”makes for an entertaining read.

There is sadness and sacrifice, as Max has to grow up and make decisions to save the day. 

A satisfying end to the series.

Rating: 8 out of 10

 I received this free ARC inexchange for providing an honest review.


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