Escape from The Past: The Kid

By: Annette Openlander 


The Kid is the second book in escape from the past series.

It’s about a young boy Max who uses a video game to travel back in time.

 This time Max returns to the game to escape his reality. But instead of going back to medieval Germany, he finds himself in the middle of The West, in a time of gold hunters. 

Immediately upon landing, he is captured and finds himself cursing his decision.

When his cpators are attacked by natives, Max barely manages to save himself and Grace, a girl his age whose family is slaughtered by the Indians.

A wind storm forces the two to seek shelter and they find themselves in a little western town.

There Max has to accept Grace’s charity and they both share a room.

Max must look for a job and ends up working at a grocery store for meager wages.

Things are looking gloomy. Grace and Max don’t see eye to eye and Max befriends a native girl Ela. Ela is in trouble and is abused. Max is angry for her and wants to protect her, this earns him a bad reputation with the westerners. 

Surprisingly Max’s only kind friend is a Billy the kid. 

 Ela’s dying brother makes Max promise to protect his sister and gifts him a gold nugget to help them escape.

The gold nugget brings a whole new wave of trouble.

Will Max do anything to change history? Will he be able to save Ela ?

The past is troublesome but something suspicious is also brewing in the present. The game’s creators have secret intents and Max discovers he is not the only one in possible danger.

My Opinion: 

A really good sequel to the first book. In fact,the setting and plot was even better and well developed.

Rating:7 out of 10

I received this free ARC inexchange of providing an honest review.


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