Escape from the Past


 If the title sounds like a horror escape game, It Is.

The book is about a boy who is stuck in a game. But here’s the twist, he is actually trapped in the past.

This book grabs you by the collar and pulls you right in from the start.

The writing style is light and funny and totally enjoyable.

The cover could have been more lively to reflect the tone of the book.

I have a feeling you are going to enjoy this one.
So, Max tumbles into medieval Germany. He is given shelter by a German boy Bero who is irritated by Max’s ignorance.

Max soon finds himself in trouble while inspecting the castle and the Knight names him Max Nerd, thanks to the logo on his shirt.

He can’t exactly confess where he came from, so he is thought of as a traveler.

While Max tolerates medieval lifestyle, he is soon captured by Juliana’s doe eyes. Juliana is Bero’s sister.

When Juliana gets into trouble, Max plays doctor and nurses her back to health.

Events unfold and Max must do anything to protect Juliana from her evil master Ott. Not only that, Duke is a greedy tax collector who has kidnapped Lady Clara, Juliana’s only hope for safety.

Unwillingly, Max finds himself in a situation where he must save the ladies. But no matter what he does, he keeps finding himself in tight spots. His curiosity keep landing him into trouble, but he always manages to slip through.

Will he be able to rescue the ladies? Defeat the Duke and Ott? Figure out the game mission and find a way back home?
My opinion:

A funny, gripping read. Sometimes Max’s musings were repetitive. Especially the lines about him missing his old life are repeated way too many times.

Rating: 6 out of 10

I received this free ARC in exchange of providing an honest review.


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