carmine-tour-bannerAuthor:  Alan Janney

Publisher: Sparkle Press

Genre: Fantasy/ Paranormal

Series: Carmine (#1)

Source:Free ARC


Cover:  The image feels a bit odd, the model looks as if she is a cutout and hastily pasted on a background.

Eye catching colors though.

Creator, a mad genius was successful in creating super evolved humans. He introduced a strain of a powerful virus that alters the human makeup.

However his ulterior motives ended up wrecking havoc on earth. Normal humans flee from the new beings who are violent and operate on primal instincts.

Carmine woke up with no memories and a superhuman strength. She was Creator’s last creation and she doesn’t remember a thing after she woke up from her modification.

She is confident and powerful and her strength attracts other mutants like her. Soon she is ruling them in a bid to create a safe place for variants like her, being hunted by herders, humans who are scared of the new genetically engineered humans and work to trap them.

Managing a kingdom of powerful rejects is not easy, but Carmine has help from friends.

It’s only a matter of time before other power players jump into the fray.

Blue eyed witch, a powerful Infected mutant, she was born with the virus. She controls anyone with just her voice and is hell bent on destroying any one who stands in her way. And Carmine is her new target.

Walter is a rough and ruthless infected who leads his own army of criminals and battle hardened variants.

Carmine must do anything to protect her kingdom of New Los Angeles.

To make matters worse The Outlaw, a rebel and a powerful Infected is trying to break down her defenses. He is trying to win her affections and Carmine must stay away from him.

Her guardians are her priority. And she must keep a powerful, potentially dangerous secret.

Can Carmine shoulder the responsibilities thrust upon her? Can she be the leader her people expect her to be? And most of all can she stay away from Chase.
My opinion:

 A must read. I found the book and the concept to be really refreshing. The protagonist is not a girly girl. She is not lead by her emotions. She can be ruthless. She does not aim to please. But you still might end up liking her.

Looking forward to the next book.

Recommend for:

Every dystopia and science fiction/fantasy fan.

It has everything: mutant/superhero/superpower elements, romance, powerful tigers, giants, a kingdom and memory loss. In a nutshell all the elements that make up an awesome read.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

I received free ARC in exchange for providing an honest review.

Goodreads Summary:

She wakes as society crumbles

She wakes up with no memory

She wakes up a queen

The girl once known as Katie Lopez wakes up in an abandoned Wal-Mart with no memory, possessing only the vague sense that something has happened. Where is her family? Where is her boyfriend? She has a faint recollection of him, a ghost of a memory. The world, she discovers, is staggering from the weight of rampaging mutants, victims of a bizarre surgery gone wrong. Once intended to bring about a utopia, now the victims threaten societal meltdown. Much to her surprise, the girl with no memory discovers she is their queen.


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