Lady of the Bridge


Author: Laura Kitchell.

Genre: Historical Romance

Publisher: Smashwords eBook editions

Publication Date: 29-September-2015

Source: Free ARC courtesy of the publisher


The cover needs a bit more refinement.


Princess Saiko has returned to her father’s palace after living and training to be a warrior with her brother. However, she is bound to a fate where her father has decided that she will spend the rest of her life in confinement of the emperors castle, in order to restore peace between the two families.

Saiko is sad but duty bound. Her only escape is a walk in her garden. During one such walk she encounters a samurai,Takamori on her bridge. Soon, they are meeting daily. The princess is unaware of his status within the Samurai and has kept her own identity secret from Takamori.

Takamori is an elite warrior but now he grows tired of warfare and wants to learn and increase his knowledge. He dabbles in poetry and art.

Saiko and Takamori share stimulating talks about poetry. The more they get to know each other, the more they respect the other. Love between them grows, so much so, that when the time comes for Saiko to leave for emperor’s palace, she finds herself wanting to disobey her father, but the future of her country and love for her father stops her from disobedience.

She starts on her journey led by Marshal of the Samurai.

Will Takamori discover his Lady of the Bridge’s true identity? Will Saiko realize who Takamori is? And will she be able to overcome her fate and be with her Samurai? Will Takamori do anything to keep his lady with him or will his loyalty to her father take precedence?

My Opinion:

The pacing is slow at the start. The tension between Saiko and Takamori is stretched way too long and when they do proclaim their love for each other, it is somewhat anticlimactic.

When they discover each others identity, it is too, downplayed.

The war scenes are well developed.

The culture, the vivid descriptions of the society, princess’s attire and customs are beautifully depicted.

Nice enough, if a bit slow paced, read.


6 out of 10

Recommended For:

Historical romance fans.

I received this ARC for free, in exchange for providing an honest review.


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