Origami Chic: A Guide to Foldable Fashion

Author:Sok Song
Genre: Craft
Publisher: Capstone Young Readers
Publication Date:1-September-2016
Source:ARC from netgalley


Creative and artistic cover. It is eye-catching.


The book showcases techniques of origami to create fashion items.


The book is cute and has really neat graphics. Some truly wonderful and creative ideas are presented.
From making tops to flip-flops, you will find a variety of dress designs to create on your own.
Origami is an art form where shapes are created using paper. The paper is manipulated by making a variety of folds.
The book also includes a huge collection of printed paper with beautiful color schemes and designs, that you can use to create your origami outfits.
Outfits include:
And more…
Plus points: Creative layout, wonderful ideas and good quality illustrations.
Negative points: The techniques can be a bit difficult and complex, especially at the beginning. Even though multiple illustrations atr provided, you might have to go back again and again to grasp a certain step.


8 out of 10

Recommended For:

Craft fans. Everybody who enjoys doing creative things and wants to feel the satisfaction of seeing a finished item from a piece of paper. Suitable and ideal as a hobby.
I received this ARC for free, in exchange for providing an honest review.


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