Interview with Veronika Gasparyan

Yesterday I reviewed Veronika’s awesome book ” Mother at Seven”.

She was kind enough to answer some of my questions about the book.

Here they are:
Interview Questions

1 You had to beg and work for money, and you even had to get food from the trash. But, you still thought of your family first. One wonders where did you get this sense of responsibility, when neither one of your parents displayed it?

I think that we all have a survival instincts within us and under different circumstances they come right out. In my case I would say that because my baby brother was so little and helpless that I naturally felt responsible to protect him and to take care of him.  Especially, since I HAD to do so from age 7. It was pretty much a learned behavior that evolved from the basic survival needs I was born with.  

2 Writing this book must have been an emotional rollercoaster. How did you manage to bring those overwhelming emotions in your writing after all this time? 

It was very hard to do. It was difficult to stay focused at first because it had been almost 20 years since I buried as much of it as I could deep inside. Some chapters were harder than others and some, like the last one, I had to take couple of weeks off completely, before writing the first sentence in. I cried to myself many times but just continued to think of the main reason I am writing my story, and that made me pick myself back up and continue. 

3 Will you write more about your life, as there are still many questions unanswered?

Most likely I will have a sequel to this book within the next 2 years but meanwhile I have many stories to write about. There are few true stories that are in works about people I knew once. The book I am working on now is called Forgive me, Nadia and It hopefully be out by December 31st, 2016.

4 Did your parents read this book?

I don’t think they read it yet. My parents, especially my mother doesn’t speak any English so I doubt that she read any of it yet.  I am sure she will have someone translate it to her or will ask others who read it about the details in it.

5 Were you able to reunite with your brother?

Yes, eventually we were reunited. Under quite unusual and unexpected circumstances but we did. I will be telling about it in the sequel of this book.

6 Your grandfather was an important influence in your life. He taught you about visualization. Was he a believer of law of attraction?

Yes, he was definitely Mr. Positivity. He saw good in every situation, no matter how bad, or negative it seemed to be to others around him. He was the first one who explain to me how the universe works and how powerful our mind and believe system is. If not for him putting me in the right path, I am not sure I would have made it out alive.

7 What are you doing with your life right now in terms of your career?

I have an on line business and work out of my own office. I write almost daily and sometimes up to 10 hours. On those days I concentrate on writing and on writing only. I also am in process of finalizing my non-profit organization called It is US based and only for the good of American people. My main goal to service others and to show people, especially teenagers and young adults that with the hope and believe everything is possible. And things could be much worst. Therefore no matter how bad the situation they are in, I want them to know that they don’t have to be stuck in it. 

8 Do you plan to return to your homeland soon?

You know it’s really strange but I think that America has become my homeland by now. I did go back to Sochi, Russia twice in the past 17 years but other than few good memories, most of my emotions towards it are all full of painful memories. So, let’s just say I have no cravings to go back there.

9 Your rough treatment started after your brother was born. Knowing this, did your brother ever blamed himself for your poor treatment at the hands of your parents?

Joy, this is a very interesting questions. I am not sure that he is aware of everything I went through to keep him safe. He was mostly sheltered from it by me so I don’t think he blames himself for anything. Maybe after he reads the book, it would change but I don’t think that he would feel that way so many years later.


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