An Indecent Proposal: A Review

Author: Katee Robert

Series:   The O’Malleys

Publisher:  Forever, Hachette

Source: ARC courtesy of the publisher.
Expected Publication: 30th August, 2016


Cover: Love the color palette and overall concept.


Cillian O’Malley is grieving the death of his younger brother. He blames himself and the guilt has brought his life to a standstill.

The only distraction in his life is the fiesty bartender, Olivia, who is not willing to give him a minute of her life.

Olivia Rashidi’s first priority is her daughter’s safety. She barely managed to escape her own life. So, when Cilian O’ Malley tries to enter her life, she turns him away because he is trouble.

However, they can’t ignore the attraction for long.

Their pasts, however, catches up to them, and Cillian will do whatever it takes to protect Olivia and her daughter from her powerful family.

Will he be successful in protecting her? Will his family accept Olivia? And, will Olivia, finally be able to trust a man with her life?

My Opinion:

When I was given the opportunity to review to this book, I wasn’t that much excited, to be honest, given the impression the last book of the series left on me.

However, it turned out to be a really interesting read.

The characters are really well developed and both Cillian and Olivia’s personalities are interesting,

The plot is good and the story keeps you entertained.

My Rating:

 7 out of 10

Recommended for: 

Romance fans. Especially if you like fiesty heroines and a knight in shining armor hero.

I received this free ARC from the author to provide an honest review.


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