Mother At Seven: A Review


Author:  Veronika Gasparyan

Genre:  Autobiography

Publisher: Stillwater River Publications

Publication Date: 20th July 2016

The book is a true story of a young girl who was subjected to cruelty and had to take care of her baby brother at the age of seven.


It is an adorable cover and somehow makes the story that much real.


A seven year old acts like an adult. She pampers and cares for her baby brother, all the while suffering from her mother’s hatred towards her.
Whan Veronika’s baby brother came into this world, her peaceful existence was suddenly disturbed. Her parents attitude towards her took a horribly dramatic turn. So much so, that the reader may find themselves asking if they are actually the birth parents of Vera.
Having a son has made Vera invisible and disposable. But she happily takes care of the baby, no matter how much it interferes with her studies and play time.
Infact, she almost feels motherly to him. She puts him before her.
Her parents, though, are seemingly never happy. Soon she is subjected to abuse in an attempt to discipline her.
Her uncle is assigned the job of teaching Vera manners and he is more than happy to oblige. He hit her cruelly for very small things, using belts and even a blade.
Vera went through a depression that is unimaginable at such a tender age. She hated her existence so much that Vera wished to die and attempted suicide.
But she survived, only to continue her miserly life.

Her thinking became like that of an adult. When their parents left for vacations without leaving her any money, Vera knew she had to ration the food supplies for her brother and grandmother.

In order to bring water and bread, Vera sold fruit, worked at people’s houses and even begged for money. Even then she had to forge for her food in the garbage at night. But she still kept her pride intact.

Vera went through health troubles, faced emotional abuse and suffered neglect.
Her ray of sunshine was her grandfather, who instilled in her a hope for the future, who was everything that her parents could never be.

Was Vera able to get out of her miserable situation?
Did she manage to survive and make something of her life?
Read this book to find out.

My Opinion

This is such a heartbreaking read. Veronika went through so much abuse, you can’t help but feel sad for her. The world needs to know what some children have to go through. And this book throws light on this topic.

A mother’s love is a child’s right. Veronika was deprived of this right. The cruelty she faced at the hands of her parents knew no bounds.
Currently Veronika is trying to promote justice and protection for young kids, so that no one goes through what she had to. It is a much needed service and more people should become aware of this.
Waiting for the next book.


9 out of 10

Recommended For:

Autobiography fans. Those who don’t mind reading an emotional book.


Veronika Gasparyan, author of “Mother at Seven,” was born in the beautiful city of Sochi, Russia in 1981. She is a proud descendant of many generations of Armenian ancestors from both sides of her family. Today she lives in her own home, in Smithfield, Rhode Island with her two sons.
From a very young age, Veronika enjoyed playing piano which resulted in her attending a music school for ten years, and eventually, the prestigious Sochi College of Arts and Music. Other than the music, Veronika has always displayed a profound love of reading, and at a very young age, read dozens of books from her grandfather’s vast, personal library.
Veronika possesses an innate passion to help others in any way that she can, which has displayed itself in many situations throughout her early years and adult life. She considers herself to be a true survivor of what many would call a traumatic and brutal childhood, but has still found a way to not lose her kindness, patience or hope for better days.
Veronika is a strong believer in laws of attraction and positive thinking and is working on other books that she hopes will provide emotional support to those who are in need — those who have given-up or have already lost their hope for better days and a joyful life.
Veronika believes her lifelong mission is to help one person at a time while making the world a better place for us all.

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