Dirty Laundry: A Review

Author: Ivan Von Baublitz
Publisher: DLM Publishing
Release Date: 15th of August, 2016
Source: RC from the author



Nice color theme plus the overall feel of the artwork is fitting  and mysterious.


This book is a tale of a survivor. A survivor of the streets, who against all odds, never let his spirit be crushed.

Just imagine: a child, locked in a room with his baby brother. With clothes as his bed and nothing to eat, all the
while battling the heat. The only escape is through the window. Will he dare try escaping?

The author is a recruiter at a university. He, using satire, lays out his day, how he hates his six figure job, and how he is fed up.
He was born in Chicago to a mentally ill mother and a backwards father, who were incapable of raising kids.
His abusive, addict mother used to beat him and his brother.
Eventually they were given up for adoption, when their parents could no longer accept responsibility for them.
Some truly horrible foster parents came in Ivan’s life.
His baby brother always managed to get on the good side of people, not so for Ivan. He suffered again and again, but something defiant was building up in him and he never let anyone break his spirit. Even when he was hit with a wooden paddle all through the night. In fact, he used his wits and managed to escape his situation.
Children’s town was another chapter in his life. There, he learned to develop his strength and got a taste for rock music. His personality developed and he became self sufficient and confident. It was here that Ivan first met Nixon.
Throughout Ivan’s IQ and intelligence were developing and were superior than his peers.
But, even the strict punishments of Children Town couldn’t tame Ivan.
His journey led him to juvenile correction center, living with his uncle, discovering the dark sides of humanity. Still his journey wasn’t done.
After being caught in a stolen car with a woman abuser, Ivan barely escaped the prison. He took refuge on the streets.
Homelessness taught him to survive.
It was not all dark, when he found Ms Pat, a motherly woman, who encouraged him to contact his father.
Ivan began living with his grandfather for a while , in exchange for doing his uncle’s school assignments. He was again tossed out after being accused.
This time Ivan had enough. He went to look for his mother.
From there the events took an even more dramatic turn in his life.
A dark career path, an angel, struggles and a sense of responsibility, he experienced it all.
Was he able to get out of his troubles? Did he manage  to turn his life around?
What started after an escape through the apartment window at a young age, was a journey of struggle, heartbreak, loneliness and becoming a victim of the cruelty of humans and the system.

My Opinion:
First of all, the narration style is really easy to digest. The style is more of a fiction book than that of a non fiction, and it actually makes for a pretty enjoyable read.

President Nixon is used as an avatar of Ivan’s conscience, it seems, or maybe its to personify the little voice in the head.
Nixon is sarcastic but points out the things that author is not acknowledging, both good and bad.
The author’s observations are impartial. He doesn’t sugarcoat his words. It’s an honest read.

The use of President Nixon as a character is ingenious.
But what stands out the most is Ivan’s wisdom and his perception from a very young age. The way he picked up on behavioral cues is really remarkable. No matter what, he can’t keep himself out of trouble, though.
Still, he takes everything in stride and owns his mistakes.
The book is funny too. His sense of humor is revealed throughout the book.
A truly moving and enjoyable read.

There were grammatical mistakes though. Even though the author later reveals that he is not good at beginners English, and that the mistakes in the book are a reflection of that: an attempt at being as real as possible, if you will. Still, It gets distracting and annoying sometimes.
But these grammatical mistakes are very few and eventually you might be able to overlook them.

Recommended for: AutoBiography fans, but it is not a typical biography. It totally pulls your attention and is like a novel.
Note: Some strong language is used and some violent scenes are also included in the book.

My Rating: 8 out of 10


About the Author:

Ivan currently reside in Northwest Indiana. He’s a graduate of Columbia College Chicago and DePaul University with a Masters Degree in Education. He’s a proud father and grandfather who enjoys speaking to groups regarding the hidden potential that we all hold.

Dirty Laundry is his first book and he’s currently working on his next.

Contact The Author at:



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