Love Comes Later: A review

The story is an immersive experience in Qatar culture. The rituals, settings and lavishness of the Qatar households is apparent in the writing.
Hind and Abdullah are forced in an arranged marriage.
Abdullah hasn’t gotten over the sudden death of his first wife and is not ready to tie the knot again. However, his family traditions require him to get married and increase the family line.
Hind is not the typical Qatari women. Her vision of life includes independence, a career and living life on her own terms. But she is bound by her society to get married to suitable man and spend the rest of her life shopping and taking care of children.

So when the time comes for engagement, in a bid for a little bit of freedom, Hind sets a condition for going to london for a year to complete her studies. Abdulla seizes this as an opportunity for another year of solitude and agrees readily.

And it’s in London, that Hind discovers herself, finds a friend and knows what she wants. And its not only her, when Abdullah comes to visit her, his life takes an unexpected turn too.

What happens in London, will they find love?

My opinion: Even though its a good enough cultural read, it felt a bit melancholic for some reason. In case of Hind and Sangita, their friendship was forgotten in a moment over a guy. And I couldn’t understand why all of a sudden Hind was willing to accept her fate.
Also her trip with Gita’s brother should have been explored more in depth.

My Rating: 7 out of 10
ecommended for: Cultural Novels fans, Romance fans.
I received this ARC from netgalley for review purposes.


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