Consoling Angel: Audiobook Review


consoling angel


This is a small but sweet book.
This the first time I decided to review an audio book. I actually enjoyed listening to the book after a few tries of getting used to listening to a story instead of reading it.

The story is about a young fan of James Dean, who finds that her wishes have come true in a twisted way.
Mira misses her father and in a way to remember him, she has taken to spend her time looking at his collections of James Dean’s pictures and books.
She used to watch his movies with her father and he was the one who turned her into a James Dean fan.
Now she is obsessed and wishes she could meet her celebrity favorite.
Her wishes just might come true, in a weird and inexplicable way.

My Opinion:
Enjoyable read, or should I say, listen, as it is an audio book.
It is pretty short but still manages to be entertaining.

My Rating: 7 out of 10
Recommended for: Fans of books about time travel and James Deans.


I received this RC from the publisher to provide an honest review.






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