Smash and Grab


Genre: YA, Mystery
Author:Amy Christine Parker
Publisher:Random House Books for Young Readers
Source:ARC from netgalley
Expected Publication:19-07-2016


Catchy cover with nice color palette.


Its a story about Lexi, a rich adventure loving high schooler and about Christian , a poor high schooler, who also happens to be a petty robber.
Both of them love the adrenaline rush that adventure brings.
Circumstances throw them together and even though they are opposites in every way but their love for thrill is a constant.
And they need each other to pull off the biggest and dangerous stunt they have ever performed.
Christian wants to escape his criminal lifestyle but his family’s welfare and safety is forcing him to be a part of the dangerous crime of his life. He may not like it, but to protect his sister, he has no choice but to do it.
Lexi is battling her own problems. After her father is accused of fraud and her life turns upside down, she takes it upon herself to make matters better for her family by exposing the real mastermind of the fraud.
Little does she know that along with battling for her family, she will have to battle with her heart too.

Flow of the plot is good. It doesn’t have that immersive pull at first but when things start to happen, the book proves to be entertaining.
The chemistry between Lexi and Christian is adequately depicted.
The workings of a bank is clearly well researched.
Its an interesting and fun read for sure.

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Mood Recommendation:

Read this one if you like to read books about adventurous teens and elaborate but light mystery/thrillers.

I received this ARC from netgalley for review purposes.


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