Interview : Stacy Harshman

Yesterday,I reviewed Stacy Harshman’s book ‘ Crowning Glory’.

I interviewed Stacy and asked some questions about her book.

Here they are:

Interview questions.
1. Wow! This book is obviously something very personal. How did you bring yourself to open up to the world?
Stacy: It was more painful being separated from the world. My desire to be a part of life and open up was stronger than my fears. It took a long time for me to write the book and get it out there. I went through a time of doubting myself and revealing the “me” in the book. I’ve done a lot of work on myself since then, and I’m still working.

2. Why wigs? It could have been any other change in appearance, like wardrobe change or makeup change. Why did you decide to go with wigs?
Stacy: Well, I bought the wig on ebay on a whim and when I wore it I felt dramatically transformed. I wasn’t planning on that happening. It took me by surprise, and I went with it.

3. You did not sugarcoat your words while describing your family, what was their reaction after reading this?
Stacy: My Mom read the book and she is a huge advocate for it. She is proud of me. After she read it, she said that parts of the book were painful for her to read in terms of what I went through, and I imagine how I described/experienced the family scene, but she never said that specifically. I’m grateful to have her read it and still love me.
Recently, after getting a review that upset me, my Mom said, “the book is so good because it is so honest. You were honest about what you were going through. It was a messy time. That’s the beauty of the book.”
2. Is Tim still your friend?

Stacy: Tim and I were friends after the experiment. He meant a lot to me. Unfortunately, his girlfriend did not want him to see me. I haven’t seen him since then.
4 You never mentioned having a job. How were you able to finance your project?
Stacy: I was lucky at the time to have income from dividends in stock from companies I and my family were involved in.

4. I noticed that the time frame of the experiment is around 2006. Why did you publish this book so late?
Stacy: It took a long time for me to write the book. First, I had to learn how to write by writing, a lot. I was a song-writer before this. I also wrote a lot of emotional back story, enough for a second book. I needed to get that material out of my system so I could really see what this book was about. That was a long process. Then, it sat for a while and when I was actually ready to move forward, I realized I needed a professional editor who helped guide me on structural editing. That process took a long time too, but not as long as the first parts.
5. What are you doing with your life in the present?
Stacy: I live in Vermont. I’m working on my art and about to start Vet Tech school. I volunteer at a therapeutic community ranch nearby. I just started working at a small town, historic and very cute general store. I continue to do healing work on myself. I’m also working on my adult coloring book based on my paintings, which will be coming out soon. I’m also looking into starting a care farm.

Thank you Stacy, for taking the time to answer.




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