The Other Place: A review

Author:Elizabeth Roderick
Genre:  New Adult, Contemporary
Series: Other Place#2
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Expected Publication Date: July 5, 2016
Source: ARC from publisher
The cover manages to capture the complexity of Justin’s thought processes. It may seem he is broken and scattered, but underneath is a kind- hearted, soft person.
Justin is a misunderstood, but sensitive 18 year old who lives with his mother. He is diagnosed as a schizophrenic and his mother considers him a huge burden whose only benefit is the social security that he brings in the house.
When her boyfriend tries to get him committed to a mental institution and his daughter falsely accuses him of attacking her, Justin is forced to leave his town with the help of his girlfriend Mina.
Justin is a deep and talented artist. He claims that a dark energy controls his life and it wants to teach him lessons. The energy takes him to another place where he experiences strange situations and scenes. Justin, being a talented artist, sketches the scenes in physical world.
Mina, realizing his talent, takes him to an art gallery owner, who offers him a deal to showcase his art.
Life has taken a turn for Justin, but every time he starts to get comfortable, something happens to break his peace.
And something else is waiting for him in the city. He will meet someone who will support him like no one has ever done, it seems.
My opinion
The way Justin’s thoughts and feelings are portrayed is really powerful. He comes across as a kind, thoughtful and sensitive person. The reader can’t help but feel sympathy for him and get angry on his behalf when he is subjected to injustice.
His kindness and talents are taken advantage of, and he constantly feels the energy’s anger .
But as the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that he is not useless or helpless as everyone thinks. He is capable of taking care, and when situation arises, he is fully up to the challenge for providing care when needed.

The book sheds light on the thinkings of those whom society rejects. There is more than appears on the surface.
A touching, moving book. You can’t help but like the artist.
Using art to articulate his feelings, the author has very beautifully conveyed Justin’s emotions.
Very very good book.
Recommended for:
Read this if you don’t mind heart pulling and moving books that are not afraid to explore the emotions and workings of the mind.

My Rating: 10 out of 10
I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Living in Justin Flaherty’s mind has never been easy. Unfortunately, things are about to get much worse…

At eighteen years old, most guys are chasing girls or dreams. Justin, on the other hand, wants to draw and be left alone. He’s been diagnosed with schizophrenia, but it’s more than that. He’s in tune with the Dark Energy that surrounds us all, and can see how it controls people’s actions. Sometimes, the Dark Energy will give him visions, to help him on the road to enlightenment.

When his mother hooks up with a Baptist preacher named David who believes Justin’s schizophrenia can be cured with prayer, Justin knows he has to get out—or risk involuntary commitment in a religious facility.

After a brush with incarceration, Justin takes off to San Francisco, where his drawings are not just noticed, but admired…

Justin’s bizarre and beautiful drawings create a stir in the art world. Meanwhile, he’s homeless, couch surfing, and trapped in a continuous battle with his mental illness. His salvation is a girl named Liria Czetski with a shady past. They’d met a year ago, and she’s appeared in his visions ever since. It turns out Liria has been sharing those visions, something that is a surprise to everyone but Justin…

When secrets surface, Justin is forced to realize that being a genius has a downside. Surrounded by people who want to exploit his talent, he must fight not only for his career and freedom, but perhaps for his life…

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Author Bio:

ELIZABETH RODERICK grew up as a barefoot ruffian on a fruit orchard near Yakima, in the eastern part of Washington State. After weathering the grunge revolution and devolution in Olympia, Washington, Portland, Oregon and Seattle, she recently moved to a small cluster of houses amidst the vineyards of California’s Central Coast.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, and worked for many years as a paralegal and translator. She is a musician and songwriter, and has played in many bands, rocking some instruments she doesn’t even know the real names for, but mostly guitar, bass and keyboards.

Elizabeth writes novels for young adults and adults; short stories; and memoir which is way more interesting than it should be. Her stories are about love, death, gang warfare, and madness; her characters tend to be of the type that society generally shuns: addicts, convicts, and the mentally ill. She believes if people get to know these characters in stories and in real life, they’ll find them more likeable than they originally thought.

She applies Hunter S. Thompson’s Gonzo method to fiction writing. It often gets a little heavier than what she had in mind, but she chalks it up to forced consciousness expansion.

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