Crowning Glory: A review

Crowning Glory by Stacy Harshman Full Book Cover
Author: Stacy Harshman
Publisher: Andarina Publishing
Genre: Memoir
Publication date: June 26, 2016
Source ARC from publisher
Cover: The cover is okayish.
Review: Stacy Harshmann documents an experiment that she undertook to see how changing appearances can affect the amount of attention one gets.
She changed 4 different colored wigs and went to pre planned locations to gauge peoples reactions.
She started with a red wig and named herself Kali. The red wig changed her both internally and from the outside. She felt more confident.
Her assistant, whom she playfully named Agent Thorn, was there to record the number of looks she received. The experiment went on for a week. And everyday they went to different restaurants, streets and locations.
The same was repeated for a blond wigged Raya, a black wigged Nada and a brunette. On the last week of the experiment, Stacy went out as herself.
But what started as an experiment to measure peoples reaction to looks turned into so much more.
It was a study of revelations for Stacy herself. She got to know herself, got out of her reservations and learned to enjoy life.

My opinion

From the start, you realize that this book is going to guarantee a good read.
The author is funny, realistic and is not afraid to laugh at herself.
But soon what starts as a light read develops into an emotional roller coaster. Her pain, what she experienced, how she learned to move forward all make for a thought provoking read.
One thing though, it seemed that some of the romantic scenes were way too explained. They should have been toned down a bit, as during those moments it felt you are reading a romance novel and not a moving non -fiction book.

My Rating:
7 out of 10

I received this ARC from the author for review purposes.


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