Puck’s Choice


Author:Skye Hegyes
Puck is a fox shifter. After living as a fox for a year because she was unable to turn back into human, she is back to live in the human society .
She was aided by two mages who helped her learn her shifting abilities, in returning to civilization.
Now she is living with her sister and starting a new school.
In a twilight look alike scene, she discovers Rand in school cafeteria.
After an initial tension, soon they become companions.
Puck discovers a young mage, Cassie, who is unaware of her identity as a witch. With pucks help, Cassie learns about herself and starts her education under another mage.
But a past mistake is coming to haunt Puck’s life. Her ex boyfriend is out for revenge and Puck can’t help but feel she is being watched.
And on top of that she is supposed to pick a mage partner. She has been unwilling to choose any until Casie came along.
Will the council allow them to partner or will she have to surrender to their orders?

My Opinion:
Too much exaggeration. Displays of emotions at wrong moments. For example the characters laughed at situations that I didn’t find funny.

The concept, though, is interesting. The heroine is a fox shifter, which I found to be a refreshing change from werewolves and vampires.
Having said that, the book failed to live up to it’s potential. The plot , the storyline was somewhat clichéd. The dialogues seemed forced and were, at some places, unnecessary. There were too many unnecessary scenes which only resulted in dragging the story.

The story gets a little confusing. Rand’s character’s motives were fuzzy. At first he was angry and enraged, though why it was so, is never discussed.
The book needs more refining and editing.

My Rating: 4 out of 10

I received this ARC from the Author for review purposes.


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