Another Vampire Novel: This one’s awesome

Saint Sebastian The Rose: A Review
Saint Sebastian_review

Author:Michael W. Glover
Genre: Young Adult

Series: The Lonely Tower
Source: ARC from netgalley
Published: September 2015

Mysterious and beautiful cover. Fits with the theme of the plot.

Sebastian is a young boy who lives in a monastery. He has a troubled past which haunts him and has resulted in night wanderings for him.
Thinks are shaken up in the form of arrival of adventurous twins from the modern world.
Not to mention strange visitors in the night. This has Sebastian on edge.
An old enemy of the monastery is back and is set on taking over the monks home.
And Sebastian and Jessica find themselves falling for each other, with Jessica being unaware of Sebastian’s true identity.
He is a vampire, who has not adopted his new identity fully and is still hanging on to his humanity, even though he is not a human. He lives with the monks, whose real mission is vampire hunting. For centuries they have killed and hidden the bodies of vampires that cannot be completely killed, so that they cannot be found.
But now an ancient vampire is back, and he wants to reawaken his fallen brethren so that he can raise an army against the monks.
Sebastian, the monks and the twins are faced with the impossible task of fending off these vampires.
Will they succeed?
Full of twists and turns, heartbreaks and unexpected turn of events, Saint Sebastian is a must read.

My Opinion:
The style of the story was lacking in charm in the beginning. Things felt repetetive and dragging.
But after 25% of the book, the story starts to build momentum and catches your full attention.
I was ready to give up reading after a first couple of chapters, but Im glad I didn’t. Its a really enchanting book.
This is a book revolving around vampires, but for a refreshing change, the vampires described in this book still retain that air of mystery and things to be feared as is mentioned in the myths.
They are not overly glamorized or portrayed as modernized version. The original concepts of sunlight burning and stake to the heart of a vampire are still included.
Sometimes though, things weren’t explained clearly and things tend to get confusing. Specially no clear boundaries between scenes can leave you disoriented.
The best part of the writing was vivid descriptions of past wars by Sebastian. They were moving and fully immersive.
The monastery where the story is set, has a character of its own. Each room is handled as a character in the story and each room plays its part and sets the scene.
The story is very very interesting and makes for a very good read, once you get over the overly repetitive descriptions included some times.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Mood Recommendation: If you love to read about vampires, and old buildings with a past, and a good book with a romance that doesn’t overshadow the plot, you will enjoy this book.

I received this ARC from netgalley for review purposes.


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