Deceived: A Review

Author: Heather Sunseri
Publisher:   Sun Publishing
Series: Mindspeak #5
Source:  ARC courtesy of Author
Expected Publication Date:    20th June, 2016



Bree is a cloned human with an ability to alter others perception of their surroundings. She is back in her home town and on the trail to discover missing clones from the island of Palmyra.


Jonas is determined to help her at all costs. He pushed her away but cannot help himself from following her all the way to Portland.


When Bree discovers someone is secretly sending clones to her father’s lab, she takes it upon her self to rescue the kids and to prove to Jonas that she can do something useful too. It’s not an easy task, because when she reaches Portland, someone tries to kill her.


Soon, Jonas joins her. Putting aside their personal differences for the clones’s sake, together they set out on a mission to find out all they can about Bree’s father’s lab.
And along the way Jonas tries to gain back her trust and Bree is determined to put up walls around her heart, so it will not be broken again.


My Opinion:
The book, at the start seemed similar to other mind reading novels that I’ve read. The setting and character development were somewhat cliche.
After a few chapters, though, the story started developing. Maybe if I had read the previous books, I would have caught on quicker, but it took some time to grasp the characters personalities and perspectives


My Rating: 6 out of 10
Recommended for: Sci fi, YA fans
Author kindly gave me this free ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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