Risuko: A Kunoichi Tale


Publisher:       Stillpoint Digital Press
Author:  David Kudler
Genre:      Young Adult, Cultural, Historical Fiction
Series:        Seasons of the sword #1
Release Date:      June 15, 2016
Source:     ARC from netgalley  

Tasteful and artistic cover. It showcases the theme of the book, which is set in Japan.

Characters are well developed. Each person having a unique personality.


Risuko is a powerfully developed character. She is a daughter of a disgraced warrior.
Her story starts when she is sold to a powerful woman.
A skilled climber, Risuko, must do as her lady wishes her to do.
From a simple village to a special school for women, Risuko finds herself immersed in a world full of mysteries, politics, spies and deadly assasins.
Most of the book focuses on her training. Learning how to cook, clean, and other things, Risuko is settling in her new life. All the while being bullied by other girls and being accused of thievery.

Something mysterious is happening at school. Involving poisoned food and upturned rooms, someone is bent on unsettling Risuko’s new home.
Being the curious little girl that she is Risuko can’t help but try to figure out what’s happening.

Will she be able to help her school and will she be able to restore her family’s honor?

Loved this book. Historical, rich, full of action. And well researched.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Recommendation: Read this if you are a fan of historical fiction.

I got this book from netgalley for review purposes.


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