Dream casters_review

Dream Casters: Light

Author:Adrienne Woods Publisher:Fire Quill Publishing Genre: YA, Fantasy Source: ARC from netgalley Published:29 May 2015 Cover: It is okayish. The color palette manages to exude mystery. The central part of the illustration is beautifully imagined and depicted though. Review: The book opens with a small description of the world the story is set in. It …

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Jinn and Master

Summoned : A review Author: Rainy Kaye Publisher: Bastei Entertainment Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal Series: Summoned Source: ARC from Netgalley Published: 17 May 2016 Cover:  Okay.  Not striking enough. Review: Dimitri is a jinn. For generations his family is bound to a family of humans and the jinns have to fulfill their every wish. They are slaves to …

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Another Vampire Novel: This one’s awesome

Saint Sebastian The Rose: A Review Author:Michael W. Glover Publisher:Booktrope Genre: Young Adult Series: The Lonely Tower Source: ARC from netgalley Published: September 2015 Cover: Mysterious and beautiful cover. Fits with the theme of the plot. Review: Sebastian is a young boy who lives in a monastery. He has a troubled past which haunts him and …

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Shopping for a CEO’s fiance: A Review

Author: Julia Kent Series: Shopping for a billionaire Genre: Romance, Chick Lit Source: ARC from author Cover: Good and catchy color scheme. Review: Andrew McCormick wakes up in a Vegas hotel to find himself married to one of three people wearing unexplained rings. One of his potential marriage partners is Amanda Warrick, and she is …

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Deceived: A Review Author: Heather SunseriPublisher:   Sun PublishingSeries: Mindspeak #5Source:  ARC courtesy of AuthorExpected Publication Date:    20th June, 2016   Review: Bree is a cloned human with an ability to alter others perception of their surroundings. She is back in her home town and on the trail to discover missing clones from the island of Palmyra.   Jonas is …

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Lazy Crafternoon: A craft book for ages 9 – 13

Author:Stella Fields Publisher:Capstone Young Readers Genre: Crafts, Non Fiction Expected Publication Date:August 1, 2016 Source:ARC from netgalley Review Such a colorful and fun book. The images are eye-catching and creativity inducing. The layout is amazing. The book is intended for friends crafting together but an individual can create awesome crafts on their own too. The …

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Love Louder_review

Love Louder: A Review

Author: Preston Smiles Publisher: North Star Way Genre: Personal Development/ Motivational Source: ARC from netgalley Expected Release Date:7-6-2016 Aim of the book: To present methods that help to embrace your life, getting rid of obstacles and live life with love. Review: The author is an ex gang member who took a turn to improve his …

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50 ways to yay-Review

50 Ways To Yay

Author:Alexi Panos Publisher:North Star Way Genre:Non Fiction, Personal Development Source:ARC from netgalley Expected Release Date:7-6-2016 Review: Alexi Panos's book is like a workbook. It asks deep questions and forces you to reflect upon the answers. It's not fluff. You get to read a small chapter followed by missions and then a section on reflection. Plain …

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Risuko: A Kunoichi Tale

    Publisher:       Stillpoint Digital Press Author:  David Kudler Genre:      Young Adult, Cultural, Historical Fiction Series:        Seasons of the sword #1 Release Date:      June 15, 2016 Source:     ARC from netgalley   Cover: Tasteful and artistic cover. It showcases the theme of the book, which is set in Japan. Characters: Characters are well developed. Each person having …

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