Expand Your Personal Brand

Aim of the book:

The book shines light on practical, implementable methods to polish your professional brand.


Each chapter filled with useful, to-the-point information is followed by a practical exercise.


This is an easy to understand book in which the author has wrung out her experiences and knowledge for the benefit of the reader.
She has presented tried and tested methods to handle your career like a pro.
Really helpful information. The writer knows what she is talking about, and this is evident from the practical exercises presented at the end of each chapter.

From setting priorities, having contingency plans, advancing your portfolio, investing in your self to managing your projects effectively, are covered briefly.
The book mostly talks in terms of project management and seems to be written for project managers. However, the techniques can be employed by any professional.
Having a positive mindset is also mentioned. Getting rid of negativity and eradicating stress, so that you can move forward positively.
Chapters detailing networking and presenting yourself and your specialities are also included.
It is a handy and practical book of you are looking to establish your brand. As in today’s competitive work environment, having a unique and consistent brand is becoming a necessasity.
The book was successful in presenting what it aimed to showcase.

My Rating: 6 out of 10

I received this ARC from the publisher for review purposes.


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