Discover your authentic self: A review


When I picked up this book, I was expecting a step by step guide to discover who you really are.
However it was clear from the beginning that it is not that type of book.
It is a type of reference book that you pick up when you need a dose of motivation.

The book is divided into sections and each section focuses on specific areas of your life.

For example there is a section that deals with childhood experiences. What you were made to believe as a child, what you were expected to be and behave, all shape up who you are ,but your real self gets suppressed in an effort to confirm. This section deals with psychology and all the terms like introversion, extraversion, feelers ,thinkers etc.
A thought provoking section.

Other sections include  embracing your passions, relationships, intuition, purpose etc.
And each section has short essays. Some cool techniques are also included like finding your passion, and about dreams.

So many things will move you or resonate with you. They will identify what you are experiencing. But at the same time , the book will leave you disappointed and wanting more information.
You might ask: OK this is the problem, how do I solve it?
And unfortunately the book might hint at vague and general solutions but not enough practical ones.
There are techniques and exercises, some really interesting ones. But detailed solutions were not enough.

The book is the type which makes you ask questions and the essays are intriguing.

My rating: 6 out of 10

Recommendation: This book is an advice book for a variety of areas. It hopes to explain about personality in a deeper way.


I received this ARC  from netgalley for providing an honest review.


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