Doll Face: Review

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Layout, color palette and font is really good.


This book is hands down hilarious. Katie’s world is turned upside down when her family loses their wealth due to his fathers embezzling.
And right when she is being evicted from her own house, a guy towing her car manages to irritate her further.
But it’s a moment that is destined to change her life for better or for worse.
Adam Nash comes from the opposite side of town. He is not wealthy and is a player. He takes it as a personal challenge to impress Katie and make her fall in love with him. Katie tries her best to keep him away but they both end up falling for each other.
But its not a straightforward love story. Katie’s mother would never approve of Adam. Adam doesn’t fit into Katie’s plans for her future. He works at a garage and Katie has higher ambitions.
Adam feels she deserves better than him, but he is willing to do anything to please her.

Will they be able to overcome the obstacles in their way and be able to overlook their status differences.

Its a good book. Funny too.
Though it does get a bit repetitive sometimes. Especially when Adam keeps promising himself not to hurt Katie but keeps on forgetting his promise and acts as a jerk.
Their chemistry is not so strong either and takes time to develop. Moreover the characters seem confused.


Go for this book if you like light romance, with the guy chasing the girl and making her fall for him. Where the hero is a bad boy and the girl is a goody two shoes.
Be warned though, it tends to get a bit overboard sometimes with the language, in an attempt to be funny.

My Rating: 6 out of 10
Mood Recommendation:

Read this when you want to feel lighter and when you are bored. Don’t expect a spectacular ending though, its pretty cliche.





I received an ARC for review purpose.


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