Need to spark your creativity: “Your Idea Starts Here”



This is a beautiful book bursting with creative tips.
From students to pros, anybody can benefit from the thought provoking ideas presented in the book.
Its like a small inspiration book. Stuck on your project? Then go through some of the tips and maybe you will get illumination about next step of your project.

The colors and graphics immediately hit you with a full force.The choice of colors ,fonts and designs is enough to spark creativity.
The whole book is designed creatively.
Instead of long and boring theory, information and advice is provided in small digestible tidbits along with amazing artworks.
Advice on how to trigger your creative thinking ,playing to your strength, but also employing your weaknesses in a productive way is provided.
The author mentions thought provoking methods to gather ideas using everything around you be it natural or man made.
Interspersed with real life stories of how a particular invention or idea came to be, really make this book an interesting read.

My rating: 6/10

The book will be available from 17 May 2016

I got this ARC from netgalley for reviewing.


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