Get into the Arena


From stunning environment descriptions to well developed characters, Arena is an incredible book, jam packed with action.
Attractive, fierce, female warrior anyone? Gladiator fights? Virtual reality and gaming? This book has all of it.
Kali is a warrior in the virtual realms. She is a professional gamer in a virtual world where you die and kill on people’s screens. Its a sport with its slew of sponsors, manipulations, celebrity status and all the glitz and glam of media.
Kali as the first female captain must lead her team to victory or else..
But its not easy. Coping with her team mate’s death and trying to unite her team is proving difficult than she thought.
And then there is the new recruit. Stone cold and indifferent, he gets on Kali Ling’s nerves.
What with the stress of facing off an unbeatable team, trying to lead her team to victory and battling sleepless nights, Kali finds solace in virtual arena. But there’s a risk. Could the very thing that’s her cure become her addiction and a downfall?

Kali must overcome her weaknesses, if she hopes to lead her team to victory. And she quickly learns that balance is the key.

If you love video games, Roman gladiators, badass protagonists, and depictions of future, go for this book.
I wouldn’t call it a dystopia.Nor a utopia.Its a mix.Balanced, if you will.
The heroine, Kali Ling, is not the modest, self sacrificing protagonist that’s become a norm of the Young Adult Novels. No. She feels pride and anger too. And she is motivated enough not to let people trample over her.
Definitely a good read!

My rating :10/10

I got this ARC from netgalley for reviewing.


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