Twisted Sisters will keep you entertained!



Kacie and the circle are back,and this time ,along with fighting the supernatural, Kacie has to deal with a jealous Logan.
A sorority house is being terrorized by three ghosts and it is up to the gang to convince the ghosts to move on and clear the house.But its not a straightforward case.
The ghosts are evil and powerful.
A horrible past and gruesome murder has resulted in the ghosts who are bent on revenge.
Daniel and Kacie have to deal with unsupportive parents.And Logan is consistently fighting with his jealous streak.And to top it off ,he has a deadly premonition about a circle member.
This time Logan is portrayed as insecure while Kacie seems to be finally getting a grip and be in her element.
Will Kacie and Logan manage to win the mission of the sorority sisters?
And will they be able to prevent Logan’s premonition from coming true?

My rating: 7/10


Book details:

Twisted Sisters by Kimber Leigh Wheaton 
(The Orion Circle #2) 
Publication date: October 25th 2015
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult


It’s a child’s toy—what could go wrong?

While playing with a spirit board, two sorority sisters summon the vindictive spirits of three women brutally murdered by a psychopath. Join Logan, Kacie, and the rest of the Orion Circle as they delve into the disturbing events of the past to find the key to freeing the spirits.

But this isn’t any ordinary haunting.  These ghosts were banished before, and now they have returned more powerful than anyone could have imagined. Anger breeds hatred and hatred leads to darkness—these phantoms are on the verge of losing their last spark of humanity and becoming completely lost to the shadows.

Can Logan and Kacie convince the tortured souls to embrace the light and move on, or will the spirits succumb to the hypnotic pull of evil, leading to an eternity of torment and suffering?





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