Interview: Kimber Leigh Wheaton

I just read Twisted sisters and participated in the tour stop.
So I decided to ask Kimber some questions and she was kind enough to respond.
Note: I asked these questions before reading book 2.

Kimber: Thanks for having me on your blog and providing just fun questions 

1. What was the inspiration behind Kassandra? Is she a mirror of your personality or a total opposite?
Kimber:Kassandra is not like me nor is she my polar opposite. I think Raven is the closest to me in personality.
The idea for the Orion Circle came before the characters. Kacie was the first I developed. When I was writing Tortured Souls, I was watching a lot of the reality ghost hunting shows. The idea of a physical medium who can communicate with spirits is nothing new, but since this is YA, I wanted to show what it’s like for a younger, inexperienced medium to grow up around doubters before finding her place in the scheme of things. Kacie also represents all teenagers who feel different and are looking for acceptance and for a place to belong.
2. Kacie is a well-developed character. Are her psychic abilities part of her being a witch or are they a gift inherited from her mother?
Kimber:Kacie’s abilities were inherited from her mother as were her witchy inclinations. In The Orion Circle series,  some of the characters are in an active coven which focuses on the Wiccan religion. Having psychic abilities does not make a witch nor are they necessary to be part of the coven. In my mind, Kacie opened up her witchy powers when she embraced her own psychic abilities. This will be explored a bit more in book three, Crimson Reflections, when Kacie’s mother returns for a visit.
3. Is there a special importance of the color fuschia or is it just a random color choice?
Kimber:No importance at all other than I have a wonderful cover artist. When she sent the first draft of the cover, I fell in love! I loved the pop of fuschia in the otherwise somber cover. The bright color represents Kacie’s light. The dress was originally written as blue in the book. Though I didn’t have to change it to match the cover, I had the opportunity to and took it.
4. What was the most challenging aspect of writing The Orion Circle?
Kimber:There were a lot of challenging aspects. I’d say writing so many active characters was the hardest. Subsequent books will focus on two characters with the others still in the periphery. It is very hard to juggle so many characters while keeping their personalities distinct.
5. The locations, specifically the haunted manor, are described in good detail. Did you visit an actual manor or is it just a result of your imagination?
Kimber:Many locations are taken from actual places in San Antonio, though I’ve changed the names of certain places and establishments. The haunted manor came straight from my imagination—probably in my subconscious from years of Scooby-Doo episodes. I have done my fair share of paranormal hunting, so I’ve been to some interesting places along the way. I pictured the haunted manor as an upscale, remodeled home, then threw in a few secrets one would expect of a cult leader.
6. How many books do you plan on writing about the Orion Circle?
Kimber:Lots! So far I have four more planned and plotted. Now I just need to find the time to write!
Tortured Souls
Twisted Sisters
Crimson Reflections – planned release 2016
Savage Hunger – planned release 2016
Shadow Wolves – planned release 2017
Hex Games – planned release 2017
Dates subject to change as life continues to get in the way.

Thank you Kimber for such awesome answers.


Kimber Leigh Wheaton is a bestselling YA author with a soft spot for sweet romance. In addition to writing, she works as an editor for two publishers as well as select indie authors. She is married to her soul mate, has a teenage son, and shares her home with three dogs and lots of dragons. Kimber Leigh is addicted to romance, video games, superheroes, villains, and chocolate—not necessarily in that order. (If she has to choose, she’ll take a chocolate covered superhero!) Winner of the 2014 Rising Star Award at the BTS Red Carpet Awards in NOLA.
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