How to read ebooks on android

You finally downloaded that eBook that you wanted.You are excited! But all that excitement and anticipation turns into frustration when you can’t get your eBook to open on your Android™ phone.
Worry not.
There are a loads of reader apps available on  Google PlayTM ,which one is the best for you?
Do you plan on reading DRM protected ebooks on your Android phone or tablet?
Do you like reader with a night light option? Bigger fonts,Screen rotating option? Simple layout or fully interactive user experience?
Don’t be.
We’ve tried some of eBook apps and present to you the options available to you.



One of the most downloaded readers .
Features include :
font resize,brightness,background colors etc
Formats supported are Epub,Pdf and as I mentioned DRM protected ebooks.
For paid version ,you can bookmark your eBook,take notes and highlight your favorite passages.Also the book organization is better supposedly.
Pros:If you get your books from netgalley or any DRM protected books,than this app is a must.You can read protected ebooks legally on aldiko by signing up for adobe account .
Cons:The library is standard .It needs more refining. Read ,unread ,currently reading categories are all jammed in the same space .More specific filters are needed.Keep in mind this is for free version.
Graphics are OK.

UB Reader


If you want to read Epub ,PDF and ACSM formatted books ,the next app to consider is UB reader.
Font size,font type,brightness ,page orientation.
Bookmarks,text search.
Pros:Graphics and interface are attractive as compared to aldiko.
You can also sign up with your adobe I’d.
The animation while turning the pages ,and the effect as if its a real page is really cool.
Pdf s with images take a bit more time to load as compared to aldiko.But the quality is really good.
Shelf has more filters like sorting from A to z ,last read etc.You can also adjust brightness,go to specific page ,see table of contents and add bookmarks.
PDF does not have text resize option but you can resize text in epubs.
Reading experience is good ,though tapping and responsiveness is a bit slower.

Full reader


Another good one.
Features: Supports a lots of formats fb2 ,Epub,doc,rtf,txt,html,mobi,PDF,djvu,xps,cbz,Docx,odt,cbr ,zip and rar.
4 themes are available.
Audio books can also be played.
Dictionary,night/day reading mode etc.
Pros:Responsiveness is really good.You also publish directly to google plus.And a read-aloud option to read text, and you can listen to audio books in can also bookmark and quote.
The sorting system of library is really good.
Con’s:Ads in the free version.

Moon +Reader


Features: Supports Epub,PDF,mobi , chm , cbr ,cbz ,umd ,fb2 ,txt ,html,rar ,zip or OPDS.
10 themes,font adjustments, text variations,dual page mode for landscape screen, Epub3 multi media support and many more.
Pros: Good color theme. Three classics are pre loaded.It also offers a statistics tab,which displays the number of times you’re read a book,number of pages.Its good for keeping record of your reading progress.
This reader has tons of features. Both for PDFs and epubs.Screen orientation, scroll speed ,bookmarks ,notes etc.
Reading experience is satisfactory. Library layout is good too.Bookcovers have sufficiently sized thumbnails.
It also features a cool Net library ,where you can access a lot of cool free eBook providers like project Gutenberg etc.
Cons:free version has ads .

All of these apps are available on Google Play.
Android is a trademark of Google Inc.


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