I am an ENFP


Idon’t usually take personality tests seriously.I believe everyone is unique and cannot be bound by certain definitions.We change everyday.

But when I came across this test while doing random web surfing ,I just gave it a try for fun.It was one of those 16 personality-type test.
I tried my best to answer honestly;sometimes I wanted to select the best looking option that I wish described me,but I tried my best to choose instinctively.

The result:


And when I read the description ,I was actually surprised to see that the description was almost accurate.I have never found a test that described everything about a personality with so much depth.

So I began searching for more articles and books.It is a vast and much discussed field.However, Iam not going to base my decisions solely on this test.Because we are ever changing. I believe our personalities keep on evolving with our experiences.

That being said ,If anyone knows about a good Myers Briggs test books ,kindly let me know in the comments.I would love to review some.

You can take the test here http://www.16personalities.com/


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