Elegant Entrepreneur: A book review

About the author: Danielle Tate is the founder and CEO of MissNowMrs ,a name change service for brides.

         Finally a book for women by a woman who knows how to navigate the waters of entrepreneur world.From a woman’s perspective,the responsibilities she has,the fears she must conquer and the steps she must take to ensure her success in the business world ,the writer  provides necessary helpful information.
The basic steps from testing whether your idea is able enough to create a demand,to refining it ,to researching it,finding a mentor,pinpointing your target audience then creating your product,launching it,marketing :every thing is covered.
So if a person has an idea but no knowledge of how they should proceed. They should pick up this book.And not only women ,men can benefit too.
In fact,even if you have no innovative idea but want to start a business, this book can guide you how to get ideas from problems and frustrations faced by you.
After each chapter there is an insight provided by the author.Also,how taking a particular step will make you feel and how this feeling can be used as a means to measure the viability of your idea.
Wonderful resources ,websites and book recommendations for further reading are provided throughout the book as well as helpful insights and tips are given by successful and established entrepreneurs.
This is an amazing book for all of those who want to start a business ,but are intimidated and unsure of how to proceed.
My rating:10/10

I got this book from netgalley to provide an honest review.


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