Brilliance is a brilliant book


When you are a reviewer ,getting a gem of a book is a rare occurrence. The books are not bestsellers yet,but you read them anyways ,because you love to read.Then you stumble upon a book so awesome ,that you can’t put it down.
Brilliance by Marcus Sakey is that kind of book.I was hooked from the first page.
Brilliants are evolutionary enhanced,gifted people .And they are viewed as a threat,and the government has special teams to capture and interrogate the people deemed as brilliants.
Agent Cooper is a brilliant but he works for the government.He can read body language and patterns of a persons behavior and use this to  deduce their whereabouts about .Specially the brilliants.
The possibility that his daughter might be a briliant and then visiting the academy for abnorms,he is starting to see the other side of the story.All the while tracking John Smith,a terrorist abnorm.
The fear that he might never see his daughter once the government claims her,is the driving force behind his actions .
When he fails to prevent a terrorist threat from being realized,he decides to take matter in his own hands .Nick Cooper pretends to go rogue to get closer to his enemies. But the tables turn on him.The hunter becomes the hunted.And some horrible truths see the light.
Is he really working for the good.Who is the real evil?The real face behind the war between normals and abnorms?
The shocking revelations,unlikely alliances and with a mission to make the world a better place for his children,Nick has to make some hard decisions.

Absolutely loved the book.And even though its a long book,you will enjoy it immensely.
The pace of the story,character development and action are very well crafted.
Its a terrorist versus government agent book ,but the real twist is you don’t know who is the terrorist and who is the hero.
The strategies are clever.Though some of the characters and scenes seem pointless,but could be of use in the later books.
The workings of Nick Coopers mind ,of how he maps and patterns the body language is quite fascinating to see.
If you love a good and action packed thriller,this book is for you.
My rating: 8/10
I got this book from netgalley.


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