How to be happy in four minutes


  Happy habits
By:Vicki Morris
“Four minutes to happiness.”
Sounds too good to be true?Well this is what the author claims can be done by following the method described in the book.
By raising energy levels,we can experience happiness.
Happiness can only be found inside.And by adopting happy habits ,you become one step closer to achieving bliss.
Now the program,the Happy habits ,is scheduled for 8 weeks and you start by choosing three energizing activities for the first week.A whole list of activities is provided by the author.You can also download the list and planner from the author’s website.
This method is proven scientifically ,according to the writer.

The tone of the book is easy to understand and relatable.There is a small summary at the end of each chapter,which can seem repetitive,as it highlights some of the pointers you just read in the chapter.The beginning of the book seems to be full of too many details and facts and you just wait for when the actual program will be explained. The program or the method,though,is explained pretty well and it captures your interest.
I felt the book might prove to be a good read,if you are looking for ways to incorporate inner happiness in your life.The experiences of the author are relatable and may resonate with the reader.
Iam starting this method  tomorrow morning.
And Iam already excited to try this.
My rating:7/10

I got this book from netgalley.


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