Why my new year resolutions fail


Its been another year and as I look back I can see my unfinished ,rotting resolutions mocking me .
I know I’ve failed and before making any new resolutions ,I want to be clear what makes me give up on my goals.
So I made a list of 2015’s resolutions and the reason they weren’t fulfilled.
And the biggest and most prominent reason is distraction.When something, usually ,a problem arose,I couldn’t do anything else until that particular problem was solved.My mind took one way direction and thinking of a solution consumed me.
By the time that problem was removed(usually it was my assumption, and the problem really wasn’t that big)I had lost track and interest in my goal.
This got me thinking ,that why my goals kept losing their importance. It must be because,I wasn’t that passionate ,or rather It wasn’t on the top of my priority list.Plus ,the internet always brought new and better ideas and I kept picking up one thing after another.
So after thinking a lot ,I came to this conclusion, that I have to deal with distractions ,mostly mental distractions.
Trust issues have a part in this,as my perfectionism can not allow me to trust anyone with any task. Moreover I have to be strong enough to not let worries consume me.
And my motivation has to be kept consistent.For example ,when I see someone working fabulously on their blog,I get up and plan to work on my own blog,than after sometime,I get sidetracked.
So for 2016,Iam going to start with only three things.
Minimum Facebook.Just 15 minutes(I know ,this is going to be so hard)
Ignoring a persisting thought for at least half an hour and than improving further.
Sticking to my blog timetable.
And this time Iam going to check my progress after a month.
Let’s hope I stick to it this time.


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