A girls guide to moving on: A review


The story revolves around Nichole and Leanne, a mother in law and daughter in law duo,who bond together when they demand divorce from their cheating husbands.
Though Leanne has the backing of financial support and no responsibilities ,She has to battle with low self esteem.
Nichole ,on the other hand has to work to support herself and her son.This is difficult for her as she has never led an independent life before. But unlike Leanne,She is emotionally stronger and knows when to let go of relationships that are causing only pain.
To get through their troubled times after divorce,they become each others support system and write down a list of to-do to help them cope and move on.
Life brings them new opportunities, but are they secure enough to let happiness inside or will their past always make them doubtful?
The story displays a large spectrum of emotions,though sometimes a particular emotion that a character is going through,seems to be stretched for far too long.

It starts as a promising book,though after a  few chapters,it becomes a bit dry.The book does not put enough spotlight on the original guide to moving on that the two women created.It does present the tale of how they tried to move on,and they did follow the list ,but,that guide needed more attention.
It was good in the beginning ,then later, I had to force myself to finish it,because it became boring ,and predictable.It did have a few twists but they were very occasional .The plot got a little bit interesting near the end of the book,but the end was predictable.
My Rating 4/10

I got this book from netgalley ,to write an honest review.


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