Let food be your medicine:A review


Let food be your medicine by Don Colbert

The book aims to provide modifications of Mediterranean diet as a cure for various diseases. It claims to help diminishing inflammation, which is the underlying cause for many ailments.
And the author presents his opinions in a factful but easy to understand manner.He manages to provide diet plans for many of the major diseases. The book focuses on certain foods as a source of inflammation and provides healthy food choices to cure it.
Inclusion of real life stories makes it convincing.
The book opens with personal experience of the author.
He battled heatstroke, 108 fever and suffered from psoriasis. Not to mention a lawsuit.
This drives him to search for a cure when docs declared it incurable. He approached preventive measures as his treatment .
This lead to the discovery of certain foods causing certain diseases .his research and hard work paid off and he was able to cure psoriasis.

The tone of the book is light and friendly.
Some of the diseases for which diet suggestions are provided are Osteoarthritis, Autoimmune ,Type 2 Diabetes
,cancer,Alzheimer’s and dementia,ADHD and autism ,and mental illness.
The book is a good source of information. Though sometimes it can be a little boring .
The cover doesn’t do justice to such a good book.I think it needs more clean and professional look.
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My rating :8/10
Good book for general understanding of diet choice as a contributor of diseases and how to make suitable healthy changes.

Disclaimer: Please note that I haven’t personally followed the methods mentioned in the book.This is a general review of the book and my opinion on it.Please always refer to your physician before making any health and diet changes.

I got this book from netgalley in exchange of an honest review.


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