Interview: Cameron Jace

Source: Interview: Cameron Jace


Interview: Cameron Jace

Iam currently reading Insanity 5 by Cameron Jace.It is a really good book as most of Cameron’s books are.I thought why not interview him for my blog .And being generous that he is ,he promptly answered my questions.

1.You are one of the most generous authors that I know about.You frequently give out free books.What is the reason about it?Is it a publicity thing or are you only interested in enabling your readers to enjoy your stories as much as possible?.
Cameron:In general my main interest is to get as many readers as possible to read my books. And it’s financially rewarding to give away books, on the short run at least. But I love it. If I could I’d read my books in public to strangers so they’d hear my stories. 

2.Why do you call yourself a storyteller?why not an “author”?
Cameron:Actually, I am not even a Storyteller anymore. I am a Storykiller. And I don’t like the word writer. It takes away from the art of storytelling, which is very different from when you want to write a Pulitzer winning novel. Storytelling is simply telling stories like your cousin would tell you about what happened in her last vacation in a fun and interesting matter.

3.Taking first steps in writing a book is usually the hardest.What is your strategy to complete a book?
Cameron:I have tens of unfinished books in my closet. Here is how it goes. An idea pops in my head. I jot it down on paper, and it’s still as interesting as it was in my head. Then I reach the middle. Things get even more interesting, and finally I manage a good ending for it. If any of the mentioned process fails, the book doesn’t get publish.

4.Are you a full time writer,or do you have a ‘day job’ too?
Cameron: I am a full time writer, although I have other business on the side, but they come second.

5.How many books are supposed to be in the ‘Grimm diaries’ series?
Cameron: I have no idea. It ends when there is no more stories to tell.

6.Most of your books are retellings,(extremely good ones),of fairy tales.Do you plan on writing a non fairytale book?
Cameron:Originally I am interested in writing Thrillers. It’s just that what readers loved was my take on fairy tales. I cherished this and keep writing them. But the Insanity series for instance is actually a thriller, disguised in a fairy tale retelling, if pay close attention.

Cameron:Thanks for the questions. I found them very interesting:)

Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions Cameron.


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Design Your Day by Claire Diaz-Ortiz


In today’s hectic time ,when its difficult to get everything done,prioritizing tasks is necessary.
The Do less method is suggested by the author to organize your day in such a way so as to enable you to accomplish more in a short time,
The book is divided in two parts,Decide and Organize.
Then further steps are provided to manage your time productively.
The author has followed the technique herself and has mentioned her own experiences as examples.
An easy to read and understand book.
It is a practical approach to time management. The method seems interesting and applicable.
If you are looking for ways to manage your time fruitfully ,this book might be helpful .
My Rating:8/10
I got this book from netgalley to write an honest review.

A girls guide to moving on: A review


The story revolves around Nichole and Leanne, a mother in law and daughter in law duo,who bond together when they demand divorce from their cheating husbands.
Though Leanne has the backing of financial support and no responsibilities ,She has to battle with low self esteem.
Nichole ,on the other hand has to work to support herself and her son.This is difficult for her as she has never led an independent life before. But unlike Leanne,She is emotionally stronger and knows when to let go of relationships that are causing only pain.
To get through their troubled times after divorce,they become each others support system and write down a list of to-do to help them cope and move on.
Life brings them new opportunities, but are they secure enough to let happiness inside or will their past always make them doubtful?
The story displays a large spectrum of emotions,though sometimes a particular emotion that a character is going through,seems to be stretched for far too long.

It starts as a promising book,though after a  few chapters,it becomes a bit dry.The book does not put enough spotlight on the original guide to moving on that the two women created.It does present the tale of how they tried to move on,and they did follow the list ,but,that guide needed more attention.
It was good in the beginning ,then later, I had to force myself to finish it,because it became boring ,and predictable.It did have a few twists but they were very occasional .The plot got a little bit interesting near the end of the book,but the end was predictable.
My Rating 4/10

I got this book from netgalley ,to write an honest review.

Let food be your medicine:A review


Let food be your medicine by Don Colbert

The book aims to provide modifications of Mediterranean diet as a cure for various diseases. It claims to help diminishing inflammation, which is the underlying cause for many ailments.
And the author presents his opinions in a factful but easy to understand manner.He manages to provide diet plans for many of the major diseases. The book focuses on certain foods as a source of inflammation and provides healthy food choices to cure it.
Inclusion of real life stories makes it convincing.
The book opens with personal experience of the author.
He battled heatstroke, 108 fever and suffered from psoriasis. Not to mention a lawsuit.
This drives him to search for a cure when docs declared it incurable. He approached preventive measures as his treatment .
This lead to the discovery of certain foods causing certain diseases .his research and hard work paid off and he was able to cure psoriasis.

The tone of the book is light and friendly.
Some of the diseases for which diet suggestions are provided are Osteoarthritis, Autoimmune ,Type 2 Diabetes
,cancer,Alzheimer’s and dementia,ADHD and autism ,and mental illness.
The book is a good source of information. Though sometimes it can be a little boring .
The cover doesn’t do justice to such a good book.I think it needs more clean and professional look.
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My rating :8/10
Good book for general understanding of diet choice as a contributor of diseases and how to make suitable healthy changes.

Disclaimer: Please note that I haven’t personally followed the methods mentioned in the book.This is a general review of the book and my opinion on it.Please always refer to your physician before making any health and diet changes.

I got this book from netgalley in exchange of an honest review.