It might be my ‘Thing’

As the time goes by ,I am starting to get more and more convinced of what defines me.Of course you can never be sure,we humans are unpredictable.
I didn’t pay much attention to my blog for quite some time.I kept searching for something that I could pursue,but it kept coming back to writing .My love for writing ,surpassed every other thing that I tried.Specially in the moments that I was down or happy,writing was my outlet.
I had become a bit reluctant of writing personal experiences here and I gravitated towards my other passion in life,reading.So I began posting reviews of the books I read.Soon I began acquiring ARCs and the rest is history.
Even though I started this blog with the purpose of documenting the daily enjoyments that life brings ,I have found that writing should have a purpose other than documentation. Journals are there for a reason.Writing ,specially in blogs ,should give something to readers.And it might not be much,but I find pleasure in writing reviews of upcoming books.Even though I am still giving my opinion,it ,at least enables someone to discover a new book as well as promoting authors work.
Now I don’t say I won’t write anything other than reviews.Truth is I still haven’t set or decided what this blog is going to be.I will write what I feel like.
And maybe just maybe writing will prove to be a constant in my life.There are no guarantees in life .But who knows ?This might be my thing.Maybe I will be able to love this blog like a mother loves her child.


2 thoughts on “It might be my ‘Thing’

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your process! I agree that there’s no way of knowing what path resonates best with who you are until you start walking it. And there’s tons of room for experimenting with content along the way. I look forward to future posts!

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