What I thought of Brink of Dawn


A book by Jeff Altabeff
The Cover
The cover is pretty good .Specially the play of color and hues is really eye-catching.Illustration wise, it seems too much is going on.But somehow,specially with the help of aforementioned colors ,it works.And you dont get an idea of what this book is about by looking at the color ,but you still want to pick it up and read it ,which means it serves the ultimate purpose of making you want to buy it.
The Story Flow
This is one of those type of books ,that open straight into action,without wasting your time.My favorite type.
The story unfolds bit by bit ,with pieces of background info thrown in a strategic though seemingly random way.You don’t get a complete rundown of how it all began ,if you haven’t read the previous book.Rather the characters and the progression of plot ,help in uncovering the story.And by half the book ,you get a pretty good idea.
The Plot
The story revolves around a young protagonist Juliet Wildflower Stone.Love the name.
Juliet is a strong ,solid character with no  nonsense attitude and her feet firmly planted in reality.Well as realistic as it can get when you are a half alien hybrid.
For those of you thinking this is one of those sci fi books ,filled with machinery and horrible slimy aliens,its not .It is actually pretty engaging with strong emphasis on emotions and loyalty.And even though Juliet thinks she is losing her humanity,the basic human need to be connected ,to be part of something ,is actually what drives the story forward.
Juliet appears strong and steady ,specially in her dealings with her team .And she has to be that rock to successfully fulfill her duty as an alpha.
She is one of the four Chosen.These chosen are hybrids from around the world,destined to protect the earth from alien invasion.Armed with special abilities and crystal swords,the four must group together and defeat the prime elector of the aliens.
Juliet ,along with her team of chosen hybrids and completely human best friend ,Troy ,has to successfully pass a series of tests ,set by their host ,an alien by the name of Stuart.The tests are deadly but designed to test their strengths.It is meant to help the chosen discover and embrace their individual abilities and powers.
And while Juliet must fulfill her duties as chosen and the alpha,she has another personal battle to deal with.Her feelings for Troy confuse her,along with a growing attraction for her Chosen team mate Connor.
And even though she battles with understanding her destiny,ultimately she has to do what’s right .Stopping the prime elector from destroying the humans is her duty.
Will she be able to unite her team?will she be able to do what’s needed to be done to protect her best friend ?Can she put others before her feelings? And will she be able to defeat the enemy?
Character development
The characters are developed adequately,with each member having their unique backgrounds and personality traits.Since each chosen hails from a different region of the earth,the particular characteristics  of their native culture ,reflects in their personalities. A whole spectrum of abilities is assigned to all four of them,thanks majorly to alien DNA in their blood.
Juliet’s constant companion and her support system throughout her journey is her childhood friend Troy,who is one of the few people entrusted with her secret.He is a human and in my opinion ,the most  relatable character.His loyalty is his most prominent trait.And one which both endears him and causes anoyyance to Juliet.

All in all ,it is a well developed story.Though it may leave you wanting more .The plot needs to be developed more.Specifically ,it needs more depth in terms of basic storyline ,which seems cliché sometimes.As characters inner thought processes, feelings and relations with each other ,is seemingly given more prominence, it leaves one wanting to know more and explore the background story.

My rating:7/10
I got this book from netgalley ,in exchange for an honest review.


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