Sanctuary Bay


My first impression from the title was definitely not what it actually turned out to be and this is not necessarily a bad thing.

The book starts off interesting enough, but by the second chapter and the boat ride, it just seems too detailed and stretched.Too much emphasis on appearance, which in my opinion was not necessary.

Then it is the details about school which can seem too much .

But once the story starts to unfold, it gets interesting and demands your attention .

Sanctuary bay is a private school on an island.Sarah Merson,a girl with a troubled past and a photographic memory ,is given the privilege to attend.
Sarah is made a member of a secret society.And Ethan, on and off boyfriend of Sarah’ s friend is on her mind .He is rude and pushes her buttons but the attraction is unmistakable even if she denies it .

The school is not what it seems.Hidden behind the posh exterior is a darker, hideous truth.Its a road of discovey, distrust and fear for Sarah, and all the experiences are enhanced due to her eidetic memory.
But she has Ethan by her side.The arrogant guy is just as distrustful of authorities as her and when they are thrown together by circumstances, they must do everything to uncover the terrible secret and clever manipulation of the kids going at school.

Will they succeed?Will they be able to escape?its just is a rollercoster ride from there on.

It is an interesting book, once you get past the initial introductory chapters. The cover can do a bit better.Some secondary characters are given unnecessary descriptions.Ethans character on the other hand needed more development.

The plot is intriguing enough.

Sarah’s character doesn’t exude warmth, which may be intentional, given her past.But this may make it difficult to get readers loyalty to the protagonist.

MY Rating:6/10

Makes you want to read prequel:5/10

I got this book through netgalley for reviewing


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