How to be brave:A review

By E.Katherine Kottaras
A story of overcoming grief .
Georgia Askeridis, on her mothers wish is completing a bucket list.
But she must be brave .She has to move forward, doing things her mother couldn’t do.
A book on problems of an average girl, trying to navigate high school, dealing with bullies, trying to reduce weight, missing her mom, and trying to be courageous.
Her best friends and her art is her refuge.
But in her quest to try things, drugs cross her path and things go out of hand, resulting in a fight with her friend and her crush.
Even though Georgia is dealing with a lot, but the book doesn’t turn gloomy, it is actually quite an entertaining and heart warming read.


The Lost Girl by R.L.Stine:A review

R.L.Stine’s books introduced me to a whole new world of fiction when I was young.They were the first few books when I discovered my love of reading.
Full of mystery and horror , they gripped my imagination.
The lost girl is an amazing read.Although it didn’t scare me as his books did when i was little, but it was a great read nonetheless. Full of mystery and suspense.
Michael and his group of friends are in trouble. When a guy, who was accidentally hit by Michael’s snowmobile, disappears moments after the accident, things take a scary turn.Michael starts getting threats from the dead guy .And now his friends lives are in danger.
Meanwhile Michael becomes friends with a mysterious new girl at school.
Will Michael be able to solve these mysteries or will he lose.
A tale of revenge, time travel,and old feud, this was a fun read.
I got this book from net galley.