Review:Crystal Kingdom by Amanda Hocking

The trolls are back.

Bryn is on the run,wrongfully accused of treason.But she won’t stop at anything to protect her people from the ruthless queen Mina.

With unlikely companionship from Konstantin Black, Bryn tries to rally other troll tribes to help her kingdom.

From travelling to isolated places to dig up truth, getting attacked and locked up during her quest, bryn must go on.

Then Trylle tribe agrees to help her but only on the condition that she prove that queen Mina is corrupt..

Will Bryn succeed in providing evidence of Mina’s evil doings.Will she be able to save her people?And will she reunite with Ridley and her friends?

The book has a nice pace .Its neither slow nor everything happens quickly. The plot unfolds at just the right balance .

Bryn sometimes comes across as unemotional .Too realistic.

And I think Konstantin’s character should have been explored more in depth.

Overall an entertaining read.

I got this book from netgalley


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