PENTIMENTO By:Cameron Jace

What do you get when you mix a dystopian setting, a fairy tale classic and top it with Cameron Jace’s imaginative writing. Pentimento.
This is a dystopian retake of the classic beauty and the beast.
The story revolves around Iris Beaumont ( love the name, btw).Iris is for the eye, this coincides with the technique Pentimento. Pentimento means to reveal the hidden truth.And iris, throughout this tale, searches for the real face of the beasts.
The earth is controlled by beasts, which is an ugly race of aliens.At least according to humans, as they have never seen their rulers.
The beasts take a’bride’ , a young human girl away once a week, never to be seen again.
Iris is a rebel.She practices the secret art of Pentimento, working on master pieces of great artists of the past like leonardo da vinci.
She has a habit of visiting the ruins, the place outside their boundary of metallic buildings.
Accompanied by colton, the high school hunk, she tries to uncover the truth about the beasts .
And whenever a girl is taken, she brings a red rose to the grieving family in secret.The red rose is the only beautiful and pure thing in this artificial metallic world.
When Iris’s best friend gets taken, Iris knows its time to take matters in her hands.She challenges the beasts, endangering her life and saying silent goodbye to colton and her father.And when the beasts take her by accepting her challenge,the result is not what she expected. Its a whole different world.
Who exactly is the beast and who is beauty, looks alone cannot decide.The result of human destruction on their own planet is the underlying theme.The story also focuses on  the length to which humans can go to deny their reality and their mistakes.
But it also reminds that beauty is only skin deep.

What happens when Iris volunteers to be a bride?What was the shocking truth about beasts and the humans?what she discovers?
And what a broken hearted Colton does? Read Pentimento to find out.

This book needs a part 2.


2 thoughts on “PENTIMENTO By:Cameron Jace

  1. The cover and the title sucked me in immediately, but your review intrigued me even more. It sounds like ‘Pentimento’ is one of those really rare YA books in that it’s very unique and doesn’t seem to have been done before. I have too many books on my TBR pile as it is but I think I’ll add this one anyway.

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