Insanity by Cameron Jace

Insanity by Cameron jace

Cameron Jace writes stories that are usually a modern day version of classic fairy tales ,but their plots are different from the classic ones.
    Insanity is one such example . The plot couldn’t have been more different from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in wonderland.
    Because this Alice is a mad girl looking to catch a murderer.
    The story opens into an asylum where Alice,(who may or may not be the Alice from wonderland,)is imprisoned and treated to shock therapies.
     She isn’t sure about anything  as she doesn’t remember anything older than a week.She also suffers from a fear of mirrors and has a tiger lily for a best friend.
     She tries to escape her prison ,which incidentally also houses Lewis’s characters such as cater pillar from wonderland.
From here the story takes on a twist.
       The Cheshire cat is on a killing spree and its upto Alice to find and stop him.And to keep the wonderland monsters from escaping their prisons ,in which they were trapped by lewis Carroll himself.
     What Alice discovers while on her quest is that the boundaries between sanity and madness are pretty blurred.Everyone has their own definitions of sanity.
     As Alice embarks on her journey and tries to solve the mystery with the help of professor carter pillar and jack of diamonds,will she be able to save Constance,the little girl the Cheshire is after.

    The characters are Lewis’s original characters reincarnated  in this time and age.And modified accordingly.For example the original Cater pillar is portrayed as a human professor Carter Pillar.
In fact every character has its own quirks.
    While reading the book you’ll keep wondering:
Is she the real Alice from the
lewis story?
Is she really insane ?
      The line between what is real and what is Alice’s imagination will keep you puzzled and You will be asking yourself a lot of questions.And second guess the reality of everything.

    The author has plotted this pretty cleverly.
      Definitely worth a read.And now It makes me want to read more about this world.
    I think the author was successful in playing with our minds.The frustration of knowing more will keep you hooked.
    The facts are based on research.The descriptions about historical locations like the Oxford,the great hall ,are detailed enough without being boring.And the cover is amazing.
    The only thing lacking in my opinion ,is the less spotlight given to Jack Daniels.He is a funny and quirky guy and I think his presence was needed more to spice up the story,which honestly can become a little confusing sometimes.
Also some of the puzzles ,like the one in the great hall ,could have been made into a little bit more complex to decipher.It would certainly have added to the anticipation and might have engaged the readers who are into solving puzzles.
    If you are looking for a fairy tale adventure that includes quirky but intelligent characters ,this book is a decent option.

My rating: 7/10
Keep you hooked rating:7/10
And make you want to read sequel:8/10

I got this book from the author who was kind enough to let me review it.


Rekindle the friendships

You know ,those one time best friends who turn into acquaintances, then you lose any contact at all.
I have a couple of them.Last week, out of the blue I contacted them again.I don’t know why .There was a lot of conflict and history, but I did not mention anything.
They in turn were friendly and seemed as if everything was ok.And it is.
Maybe we have become mature or maybe its as simple as we’ve moved on.
But it feels liberating.
Petty childhood differences should not come in the way of friendships.
Forgiveness is the word.

365 days

I started 365 day sketch challenge. I took it easy and drew a simple design of  a placemat.
Actually I got this idea from a creative challenge prompt.
This got me thinking about drawing furniture. So tomorrow Im going to try my hand at drawing a chair.
Im not using a pencil, rather im using a ballpoint pen.This will allow me to avoid the use of rubber and maybe I’ll draw more intuitively.
Plus I’ll do my best to avoid any guidelines, because I want to be able to draw freely.And actually enjoy it.As I did today.I wanted to sketch more than one piece, but I didn’t.Taking it slowly, so that it becomes a habit and ensuring I dont get bored and give it up.
Small steps!