What kills me

What a book!
One of the two best vampire books Ive read,and no the other isnt twilight.
This story made me glued to the screen of my reader.
Axelia, (I love this name) is an abomination even in a vampire world, when she becomes a vampire by falling in pit of blood.
That alone is so different than other books where a human turns into a blood sucking creature by being bitten.
Axelia or Zee is hunted and runs for her life accompanied by a swordsmith vampire.
She discovers her strengths along the move.
Zee is  down to earth but she is a chatterbox, much to the annoyance of Lucas,  her companion.
The journey takes her from Rome to Taiwan and back again.
Even after being turned, zee is full of life.
The book wraps up really nicely.I kept worrying it might keep us hanging but it doesnt.
Of course there are some things left untold like the fate of the Ancients, the oldest vampires buried alive.And whether zee will reunite with her family, will zee be the new ruler and so on.
I must admit I suspected early on the revelation about zee’s power over the vampire race , at the end of book, but still I enjoyed the book.


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