Bree ha ha by Bria Quinlan and Catie Quinn

Its a funny little story about a clueless sidekick who is researching for her book.
The book makes you laugh, the heroin lets her thoughts slip out loud and her overall observations are just plain funny.
I never expected this when I picked this book up.
Its obvious Ben is trying to woo her, but Jenna never realizes.Her past experiences overshadow her interpretation of present happenings.But Ben might do something about this.
Lovely read.


Saving Grace

Katie and Annalise
What a book.Truly a really good read.Riveting, attention capturing,  wonderfully plotted and well executed.Loved this book.
A humiliated lawyer who is forced to relocate by the powerful lure of a half finished, ruin of a house.Katie must stop hiding behind her work and drinking to uncover her parents mysterious deaths .In the process she makes new friends, learns to grow  and to move forward.
The story is tactful but a jumbie or a spirit is also thrown in the mix .The conflict between rational and paranormal is actually entertaining.

What kills me

What a book!
One of the two best vampire books Ive read,and no the other isnt twilight.
This story made me glued to the screen of my reader.
Axelia, (I love this name) is an abomination even in a vampire world, when she becomes a vampire by falling in pit of blood.
That alone is so different than other books where a human turns into a blood sucking creature by being bitten.
Axelia or Zee is hunted and runs for her life accompanied by a swordsmith vampire.
She discovers her strengths along the move.
Zee is  down to earth but she is a chatterbox, much to the annoyance of Lucas,  her companion.
The journey takes her from Rome to Taiwan and back again.
Even after being turned, zee is full of life.
The book wraps up really nicely.I kept worrying it might keep us hanging but it doesnt.
Of course there are some things left untold like the fate of the Ancients, the oldest vampires buried alive.And whether zee will reunite with her family, will zee be the new ruler and so on.
I must admit I suspected early on the revelation about zee’s power over the vampire race , at the end of book, but still I enjoyed the book.

Take Responsibility

A couple days back I was talking to a good family friend.while talking I gave him my advice on something  Ithought was for his best.And suddenly he became defensive and hostile. He was of the point that he knows what to do and no one can understand better than him.He went so far as to become condescending of my views and even threatened to finish our friendship.I was astounded to say the least .so I just wrapped up the conversation .
But the topic didn’t leave me  ,I thought maybe he didnt like that ,me, being his junior, told him something. That, maybe so, but I only said that for his benefit.
What struck me the most was, that I usually didn’t oppose him.I knew that he doesn’t like being contradicted. I realized, that just to be approved, I wasn’t voicing my opinions. I was trying to avoid confrontation. That doesn’t mean I was changing my opinion,  I just wasn’t imposing them on others.It made me question that, is the worry of what others think, worth it to let your voice die down.
Sure I wasn’t like this before, I used to voice my opinion, but then i was labeled aggressive.
Point is society forces you to mould yourself .
I think a mid way should be chosen, and im glad to say that I actually talked in soft tones when I tried to tell my friend .It was his reaction that was over.
This lead to another revelation. Blame.And Ive found, those who blame, rarely succeed . Bitterness, disappointments ,they lead to more bitterness.
A person should never think they know everything thing, they never do.This closes them off .Puts them at a standstill. Sure maybe its to protect themselves. But it also prevents them from learning.
Listening is a must.
Infact I was reading Happiness for dummies and it says that problems should be seen as challenges to overcome and to look for opportunities.
What a good reminder.
When you put blame on others, its usually not the others who are wholly responsible.Look at the complete picture and you will find that you are to blame too.Either your naivety, or your unwillingness to decide for yourself leads to bad results.
Its your life, you should take responsibility.