Hiding your accomplishments

Have you ever wanted to hide your accomplishments.I know its strange, right?Why would anyone keep their wins a secret from the world.The joy of success doubles when shared.So why hide it?
Freebies.Thats why.
When you tell someone, hey! I can code and design a webpage, the requests come pouring in, “oh can you make me one”.And no mention of a payment. A single page simple site can be considered, but what to do when you are expected to create a fully functional website for free and within a month,no less.
You cant say no, because friends “help” each other.Im not saying we shouldn’t do ” friends ” any favors.But there has to be a limit in the number of friends to help, and the favors.
Once is favor, but doing it again and again? And its not always about the money.Time management is also a factor.

Another reason, which makes you hide your skills is perfection.
Untill or unless your work is pro level,you wont even tell anyone about it.And perfection is not easy to get.


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