Someone else’s fairytale:Review

Someone else’s fairytale by E.M.Tippets

Chloe winters is a child born out of a love affair.She suffered an insecure chilhood.This has turned her into a practical woman.She aspires to work in forensics.
But when she meets Jason Vanderholt, a player and a famous actor , she is faced with overcoming her limitations and to accept favors from loved one.Will Jason be able to love her despite her complexes, or will he lose patience?

A fairly decent story.The situations and chemistry was based on realistic emotions and not overkill like actual fairy tales.
Though the chemistry between the couple could have had a little more spark.
Chloe ‘s character could be a little boring to read sometimes, but that is I guess a part of her character.
I kept expecting, Chris, Chloe’s half-brother, to appear unexpectedly.
A decent read.Though it didn’t do much to capture my attention after almost half of the book.
If you are looking for Hollywood hero and a real life damsel, this book might do the trick.


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